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    All applicants fill in and submit applications by visiting ( and clicking on the relevant link, depending on the Programme of interest.

    Module Levels

    All Maseno University under-graduate eLearning modules are offered in Module Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. A Level is equivalent to a year of study in the corresponding full time programme in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years. Under-graduate degrees are awarded upon completion of a minimum of 56 modules, provided all the required conditions are met. The conditions include completing all core modules, sufficient IT modules and the required minimum of higher level modules.

    All eLearning modules have prerequisites. To register for a module, applicants are expected to fulfill the requirements of each module, including any prerequisites. The Online Orientation to eLearning is a mandatory prerequisite for all the eLearning modules. Higher level modules will have lower level prerequisites. Some modules will have prerequisites in the same Level. Participants will be expected to work progressively through the levels to build up the knowledge and skills desired. Modules can be completed in any order provided that all prerequisites for a given module have been met. If the same module is offered in more than one programme, the participant will take the module and later decide which degree programme to complete.

    All participants will be expected to have fulfilled all the requirements of a specific programme before they can be awarded the requisite certificate, diploma or degree. To ensure efficient course delivery at the launch of the under-graduate eLearning programmes, only specific Level 1 and other core modules leading to various degrees and the post graduate diploma will be on offer in a given semester. Course schedules and other information required by the applicant are available once the applicant is registered for a module.

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    eLearning Orientation

    All first time students are expected to go through an online orientation process. This orientation is offered through an e-course (Orientation to eLearning), that is delivered on the Internet through the Maseno University eLearning portal (, and will normally run for 1 week. You must have received the log in credentials to allow you access the portal and enrol for the Orientation. If you have paid for your modules and haven't received a username and a password, please contact Nelson on Tel: 0711432244 or 0572021013 or e-mail:

    "eLearning at the eCampus of Maseno University has given me the opportunity to go after my dream course while still keeping my job, as well as being with my family."
    Aliu Aiyankhou Lucky, MA Monitoring and Evaluation
    Asaba, NIGERIA



    All applicants must meet the basic University admission requirements     which are equivalent to the regular programmes


    Internet access
    Applicants will require some internet access to allow the use of the Maseno University eLearning Portal, which is the main course delivery platform


    Mode of delivery
    Most under-graduate and post graduate modules are fully online. Certain post-graduate modules are blended, including short periods of face-to-face contact with lecturers


    All modules are examined through a combination of online assignments and final on-campus sit-in examinations, which are offered during the normal University examination periods at the end of each semester


    Module duration
    Initially, each under-graduate module will be time-bound to cultivate good learning and quality assurance practices. This implies that each module will require a minimum of 5 hours work each week for a full semester of 12 weeks.