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Join the first and only eCampus in Kenya

The eCampus of Maseno University invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for certificate, diploma and degree programmes offered through eLearning. Several high quality modules leading to these programmes have been developed for roll out in the 2014 – 2015 Academic Year. All eLearning modules are delivered online through the eCampus of Maseno University, with some support material provided on CD/DVD-ROM and print.

About Maseno University eCampus

The eCampus of Maseno University is one of the latest innovations by Maseno University to facilitate online delivery of high quality certificate, diploma and degree programmes to learners in various parts of the country, the East African region and beyond. Maseno University is indeed in the lead in pioneering the use of modern technologies to not only realise equitable access to higher education through eLearning but also improve the quality of educational experience for our learners. The eCampus is modeled around a web-based Learning Management System (LMS), electronic community and administrative centers for students and faculty. All programmes offered at the eCampus are primarily delivered through the internet, with students taking sit-in on-campus examinations at the end of each Semester.

Teaching and Learning
Besides learning and teaching activities, our eCampus facilitates interaction and collaboration between and among students, academic and administrative staff. The emphasis on eLearning and other blended approaches to learning and teaching allows for individual modules to be given in a variety of ways which may or may not include a face-to-face component.

Target clients
The programmes offered at the eCampus enable professionals and other out-of-school people to further their education and realise career growth without having to attend physical classes. The modules offered at the eCampus are modular and flexible in nature, allowing students to register and pay for individual modules depending on their budget. These programmes are suitable for people who are in full time employment, have family commitments, live in remote areas, are taking other courses on a full time basis or would like to pay for the number of modules that they can afford each time.

Anywhere anytime learning
Through the eCampus of Maseno University,learners are able to access high quality learning resources and collaborate with fellow learners on various learning tasks within the comfort of their workplace, homes, cybercafés or even while on business trips.

What they say about eCampus

"eLearning at the eCampus of Maseno University has given me the opportunity to go after my dream course while still keeping my job, as well as being with my family."
Aliu Aiyankhou Lucky, MA Monitoring and Evaluation

"This is quite a good experience that requires self-discipline and good time management. Its both challenging and exciting at the same time but am happy that am getting somewhere. Hope to keep up to the task and looking forward to meeting others."
Mesa Rebecca, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA, with IT)
Pharmacist, Nakuru

"One of the exciting things is that you are physically alone but virtually there are people around you, the facilitators, other participants, I mean its just interesting!."
Ochieng Ogutu, Master of Public Health
Programmes Manager, K-NOTE, Nairobi

"I am catching up. eLearning is very enjoyable and easy."
Kibugi Moses, Bachelor of Science (Applied Statistics, With IT)
Civil Registration Officer, Ministry of Immigration, Nairobi

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Apply now for the May 2015 Intake

We are currently receiving applications for the May 2015 Intake. Applications will be processed as they are received. Admissions will therefore be granted in the shortest time possible. APPLY NOW!

To be the leading provider of technology-based resources in order to expand opportunities for life-long learning

To realise a world where learners, lecturers, administrators, researchers and all stakeholders use Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) to enhance the overall educational experience by improving flexibility and creativity, and by encouraging diverse, innovative and high-quality learning, teaching, research and management practices


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