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HIV & AIDS Determinants, Prevention and Management (PHT 112) is a common course offered by the School of Public Health and Community Development in collaboration with the AIDS Control Unit. The course is offered to all regular students who are registered for various undergraduate programmes at Maseno University. This course is offered online at the eCampus of Maseno University.



Register online using the PHT 112 Online Registration form. You will receive a confirmation message upon successful submission.

PHT 112 (HIV & AIDS Determinants, Prevention and Management)

Is PHT 112 mandatory?

Yes. All Undergraduate students are required to take the PHT 112 - HIV &AIDS Determinants, Prevention and Management Course by the end of their 4th Year. This also includes students who have Resits in the course. It is a mandatory graduation requirement for ALL students, regardless of the Campus where they are registered.

Can I skip the orientation?
No. The PHT 112 course will be delivered online at the eCampus and therefore all students are required to take the mandatory 2-week Online Orientation to eLearning for Students , before commencing the course .

How long is the Orientation?
The Orientation to eLearning for Students is a 2-week online course that introduces the learner to the eCampus, trains the learner to navigate the eLearning Portal and prepares the learner to participate in the subsequent PHT 112 online course. Ideally, a student will require a minimum of 6 hours, within this period, to complete the Orientation.

When and how can I register?
Students will ordinarily book their place by registering for the Orientation to eLearning on the eCampus website . Orientation to eLearning is a mandatory prerequisite for the online PHT 112. To register, students visit ( to fill the online registration form.

Do I register a second time to join the actual PHT 112?
No. Once you pass the Orientation, you will automatically be enrolled in the PHT 112 course.

What is the mode of delivery?
The course is primarily offered online. This will require that you have a computer and Internet access.

Will there be Continuous Assessment Tests for PHT 112?
The online quizzes, forum discussion and assignments will constitute the CAT marks.

Will there be end of semester examination?
Yes. Sit-in examinations will be administered together with other courses you are taking at the end of the semester.

How many times in an academic year will the course be on offer?
PHT 112 will be on offer every semester of the academic year. Any variations to this schedule will be communicated to students by the Dean, School of Public Health and Community Development or posted on the PHT 112 information page.

What happens if I do not submit the assignments within the stipulated deadline?
The Assignment Box will automatically close, and therefore you will not be allowed to submit your assignment for marking. In some cases, late submissions will be allowed but will attract a penalty

I have not received an SMS or email from the eCampus yet I registered for PHT 112. What is the possible reason?
Students whose contact details are inaccurate, or had double registration are unlikely to receive the notification email or text message. Such students are advised to send an email to

We wish you a pleasant learning experience at the eCampus

eCampus Team.

Getting started with the Orientation

Upon receiving your login credentials:

What students say about PHT 112

The best thing that happened! eCampus is simply the best thing that has ever happened in education. It is flexible since we get to learn at our own convenience. We also get to interact with other participants and the facilitator too, just like in class!!!!. I like."

– Njeru Jackline
Bachelor of Science(Economics and Mathematics)Year 2

eCampus of Maseno University the Skill maker! I never thought of learning in an online platforms until I enrolled for this eLearning course..."

– Brian Okumu
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA, With IT)

eLearning has enabled many people who had no internet skills to improve on their skills....Big ups Maseno for giving us this opportunity!"

– Akinyi Gloria
Bachelor of Education (Arts), With IT
Year 2

Benefits of eCampus: eCampus is very vital because it has several advantages such as, offering flexibility to students because they can attend classes whenever and wherever they are..."

–Odiwuor Fredrick
Bachelor of Science (Actuarial Science), With IT
Year 2

I never imagined I could do my studies even at . I hope that our government puts more efforts to ensure we all get cheaper internet access."

– Aruende Joseph
Bachelor of Science (Hydrology & Water Resource Management, With IT
Year 2

Comments on eCampus: I would like to thank the ecampus fraternity for providing all the students with the platform to learn online..."

– Nyamanya Syddrine
Bachelor of Arts (Economics with Mathematics option), With IT
Year 2
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