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Teaching and Learning

Besides learning and teaching activities, our eCampus facilitates interaction and collaboration between and among students, academic and administrative staff. The emphasis on eLearning and other blended approaches to learning and teaching allows for individual modules to be given in a variety of ways which may or may not include a face-to-face component.

Target clients

The programmes offered at the eCampus enable professionals and other out-of-school people to further their education and realise career growth without having to attend physical classes. The modules offered at the eCampus are modular and flexible in nature, allowing students to register and pay for individual modules depending on their budget. These programmes are suitable for people who are in full time employment, have family commitments, live in remote areas, are taking other courses on a full time basis or would like to pay for the number of modules that they can afford each time.

Anywhere anytime learning

Through the eCampus of Maseno University,learners are able to access high quality learning resources and collaborate with fellow learners on various learning tasks within the comfort of their workplace, homes, cybercafés or even while on business trips.

Country: Kenya | City: Kisumu | The eCampus of Maseno University, P.O BOX 3275-40100 || +25457-2021013, +254 711 432 244
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