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Module registration officially begins on 22nd of February 2021 Learning commences on 15th of March 2021

The minimum number of modules that you can register for is two (2).

All outstanding fees and fees for the modules you wish to register for in the current semester MUST be cleared before 22nd of March 2021

If anything is unclear, kindly contact the eCampus Administrative Assistant via email:

If you expected a module in your list but its missing, this could be because you had once registered for it or the module is not on offer this semester. You may contact the eCampus Administrative Assistant for further clarification.

If you are registered for the BBA or MPH programme, kindly download the Information Booklet below to help you identify which modules are relevant to the Option you would like to specialise in. Option selection will follow in the eLearning portal. For now, just register for the modules.

If you do not belong to either of the programmes in (6) above, please go straight to the registration button and register.

We do have eCampus Programmes Coordinators (ePCs) for every School. Please contact your ePC for any uncertainties that you may have regarding your programme/modules.

DownloadBBA With IT Information Booklet

DownloadMaster of Public Health Information Booklet

Register Now >>